Dumb Luck Gains Nationwide Exposure!!

         One of our premier frontline artists at Alive and Well, Dumb Luck, has graced the CMJ’s (College Music Journal) today for a 9 week radio campaign. This means that he will be getting played on over 200 college and non-commercial radio stations throughout the nation for at least 2 months. This is a big deal for the up and coming independent artist. It means that he is now playing on a national level and no longer stuck inside the confine’s of being just a “local” artist. Big things are going to come from this, such as tours, shows, more music, and a bigger fan base. With that being said, Dumb Luck has told us that this is “not quite a dream come true yet, but a BIG step in the right direction.” He also wanted to thank Nate Bentley at Tinderbox Music for making this all possible. With the Def Letter album being Dumb Luck’s first debut project, it is amazing to have it go national. Alive and Well is growing and moving fast. Keep your eyes open in the next couple months, Dumb Luck is going to be making some power moves.

You can buy the album online at iTunes or Amazon, and it is also available for Free Download at Bandcamp. The links will be posted below.